Tips & Tricks – Street Photography .. by PRS

What is Street Photography to me ?

To me street photography is real you.  I mean my first love is landscapes and travel ..but when I see my street pics .. I know how bad I am at it .. getting a point of view , getting those stories , getting your frame , focus right in fractions of seconds is your real test .

Not only your commercial work , street photography can make you famous , real famous .

Streets to me is about the drama in the shot , the patterns and lighting , people , involvement of your self in the shot . Would always prefer a wider angle lens than a telephoto …

Its that particular moment time of people in public places you capture and showcase to the world ,  daily lives of different people and all the happenings in different areas

“If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” Robert Capa 

Sharing my TIPS ( these are not new – but thought to put them together in my own words )

#1 Pre-visualizing the shot

No matter what is your POV , learning to pre-visualizing the shot needs practice , patience. Yes you should be able to see and judge your shot in advance , try to hunt the right place , angle and wait like a tiger for a kill .. You would know your backdrop , lighting , angle and you know what will make a great shot . This is also true for moving subjects .. you should be able to foresee if moving subject will make a great story at XXX place , angle there and grab the shot

#2 Shoot from the hip

Well this technique is very common but a great deciding factor in your POV . This technique has been there even before street photography was a genre ( Yes I read that in an article ). Changing to a lower POV immediately gives height dimension to your images and makes people come to life

shot at old delhi , chandani chowk

shot at old delhi , chandani chowk

shot at old delhi , chandani chowk

shot at old delhi , chandani chowk

It may be very difficult to always look into the viewfinder and shoot from the hip , well with practice you can actually imagine your frame with  a prime ( at least ) and judge your shoot . Let’s say for example : regular tiles you see in floor ,you can judge with practice that 1 tile away it will be a close-up shot , 2 tiles away will be half body and 3 tiles away you will get your full figure in frame

A horse shoe bubble levelers are also available in market for you to see get the right horizon ( no tilt) when shooting from hip ( about 500 – 1200 Rs INR )

#3 Manual Focus is the key

You really do not want your camera to focus and judge the best focus in streets will focus based on light , distances to objects and many more …  shift manual focus . Many times it may seems your whooping 52 focal points in auto are a ++ , well not many times ..

#4 Do not remove the eye from viewfinder after the shot

Yes do not remove the eye from the viewfinder after the shot , keep looking here and there and people will think as if you’re still searching for your frame . It will avoid unnecessary attention from the subjects

#5 Contrast and Shadows

lonely rider , shot at metro stn , delhi

lonely rider , shot at metro stn , delhi

shot at old delhi

shot at old delhi

They work wonders so many-times its not only early mornings and evenings ..afternoons are your best times for shoot

#6 Not only people

Yes , arguably >> the most controversial point of street photography . It requires people and lot of people or candid portraits ..  ACTUALLY NO !

shot at old delhi

shot at old delhi

shot @ karol bagh metro stn , delhi

shot @ karol bagh metro stn , delhi

Streets is more than just people . No questions that human element brings / adds life to the shot ..but focus may not be on human element only / itself . Patters , colors , contrast , geometrical shapes  ( like leading lines , curves , frame splits , light plays ) play crucial roles in street photography and main focus can be diverted to this instead of life on street ..

#7 Be your self  

Either you shoot gorilla style ( hide from people and take the shot ) or get into real conversations and take the shot with pre-acknowledgment’s you who decides what’s the best thing to do at a particular moment . Be your self . Shot how you feel comfortable not be scared to come out of your comfort zone ..



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