January 2014 – Month Winners – ” Street-o-graphy “

January 2014 – Month Winners – ” Street-o-graphy “

fatima salcedo
fatima salcedo : Theme winner for Jan 2014 : Theme “opposites”photo of the month Jan '14 at street-o-graphy

Daniel Antunes, Artist of the Month Jan 2014 : Street-o-graphy

Daniel Antunes, Artist of the Month Jan 2014 : Street-o-graphy

Dear Daniel

Admins  of the street-o-graphy group have declared you as  the “artist of the month” for Jan 2014 . A small initiative from the team  to keep interacting with people around the world .

 1) Tells us something about yourself as an individual and a photographer ? What gear do you personally use for streets ?

A: I’m an amateur, I photograph for fun, for addiction, for pleasure. I
start very young, at twelve, using my father’s camera, with film, I
developed in the dark room, eagerly after a photo shoot, waiting for the overall result of the chemical reaction that magically made the images appear on paper. It was fascinating. I stoped at the 20 years old. Four years ago I restart and I relearned everything about photography. Attended many workshops from landscape to portrait, and it was one of those workshops about street photography that I discovered a taste for this photographic genre.Currently, for street, I use an Olympus OM-D E-M5 + Panasonic Lumix 12- 35/2, 8

2) What’s your view and meaning of street photography ?

A: It’s an addiction for me. I like photography and especially street
photography. Usually I go always to the same places and can seem I will photograph the same scenes , but there always something new or something that was always there but just now noticed. I can say it’s like an X-ray of society.

3) What do you think of color , sepia and black & white in streets ? Whats your stronger point ?

A: Usually I photograph in black and white, it’s more traditional, but
nothing against color, sometimes I also do something in color. I like also sepia, looks great in portraits of people with dark skin.

4) What tips that you want to share with “street-o-graphy” group members on street photography ? What’s your favourite tip ..?

A: I don’t have a special tip to share, but I can advise go to street and
photograph every day if possible, lots of practice. Read and see lots of
pictures of the masters, without copy them but inspiring in his work,
after all to create your own style.

5) Anything about our group “Street-O-Graphy ( be as blunt as you wish ) – The best of streets from around the world” ?

A: I like the “Street-O-Graphy” group, still small but growing, and with very interesting work

6) Which forum / website we find all of your work ?



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