Winners of the Month : February 2014

Peter Levi, Artist of the Month Feb 2014

Peter Levi, Artist of the Month Feb 2014

sudheer-Uralath , Theme work winner of the Feb 2014

sudheer-Uralath , Theme work winner of the Feb 2014
philippe-blayo , Photo of the Month Feb 2014

philippe-blayo , Photo of the Month Feb 2014

Do not miss the chance for reading short interview with Peter Levi.

Artist of the month for Feb 2014 .  Great insights .. must must read

 1) Tells us something about yourself as an individual and a photographer ? What gear do you personally use for streets ?

My name is Peter Levi, I´m 44 years old and live in Stockholm, Sweden.I work for a tenants organization during the day, but
afterwards all I have in my mind is photography, for good and worse I might add. I never been able to do anything with moderation.
It´s a bit ironic, as a person, I see everything in black or white, but in my photographic work everything is about the grey scale.About
the gear. Well, I´ve tried a few cameras during the three years I´ve been shooting “for real”. Today I have ended up with the Fuji X100s.
It´s light, I like the way it feels, I like the viewfinder, the quality and that it is dead silent. As most photographers I was obsessed with
gear when I first started out. But as most of us discover in the end, it´s all about the picture and finding a tool that you are comfortable with.
Gear is like a huge table of beautiful dishes, it looks fantastic but when you put it in your mouth you may not like the taste of more than a few.Just because the chef says it´s fantastic doesn´t mean that you will like it.

2) What’s your view and meaning of street photography ?
This is a question I´ve asked myself a thousand times. Most photographers have brilliant, deep and complicated answers. But me, well, I just like taking pictures.I just get that rush inside when I feel that geometry, composition and energy falls into place. Though I most often don´t recognize that feeling until I am at
home editing my work. The best feeling is when your heart sense it as soon as you press the shutter. Too bad it doesn´t happen that often.Why street? Well, for me it isn´t exclusively about the street, it just so happens that most of what I find interesting is located there. If I had the choice, I´d rather shoot in a more documentary style. I strive for that. If I lived in India, I would probably shoot in a different way. Life is more intense there than where I live. In other parts of the world, people LIVE their lives on the streets, while here, the street is just a way to get from A to B.

3) What do you think of color , sepia and black & white in streets ? Whats ur stronger point ?
Black and white comes natural to me. Most photographers that inspired me throughout my life was/are bw photographers. And where I live, neither the city nor the people are very colorful (meaning how we dress). The dominating city colors are green, blue and grey. It doesn´t add anything to most of my pictures.In near future I´m going to take a trip to Thailand. Maybe most of my images from there will be in color. We´ll see. It all depends on if it adds something to the images themselves.But when it comes to bw or color in the genre Street photography all in all, I don´t mind color at all. Two of my fav photographers, Alex Webb and David Alan Harvey shoots mostly in color, so…

4) What tips that you want to share with “street-o-graphy” group members on street photography ? What’s your favorite tip ..?
Oh, I´m not the person to give others advice.I can only say what I MYSELF strive for. For me, it´s simplicity.Don´t crowd your images with too many people. Find different POV´s.Find layers and depth. See and capture energy, gestures and mood.And it´s all about geometry. You can make almost any picture work as long as everything is in the right place.Don´t use too wide or too narrow lenses.Too wide lenses creates a tension and interest that most often isn´t there for real.If I look at too many extreme wide angle shots I get “car sick”, for real And too much tele makes your shots look like a private detectives surveillance images.

5) Anything about our group “Street-O-Graphy ( be as blunt as you wish ) – The best of streets from around the world” ?
Well, what can I say. You guys voted me artist of the month and I´m deeply honored for that. It´s always fun to be a member of a group that put their heart and energy into the genre. It´s those groups that makes it fun and interesting for the members. You´ve created a beautiful community, keep it up!
6) Which forum / website we find all of your work ?
Flickr is my “base” so to speak.

best regards and congratulations again Peter Levi
Team – Street-o-graphy


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