My journey to Full Frame format – Nikon D610

Yes , every photographer’s dream is to switch to Full Frame format body & I am blessed to make it here within just few years of my photography practice. Here’s my journey so far.

June 2009 , I remember one of my friends being in USA and I was astonished by newly launched Nikon P90 high zoom camera and I requested to grab a copy for me so I can practice photography and flaunt this high power optical zoom. Soon within few month I realized the quality is not upto the match of a DSLR ( I never knew what’s a DSLR by that time )

I found one of my close friends in Dubai has a Nikon DSLR that he flaunts on Facebook. So I started looking at his pictures and found out that DSLR is really cool thing to own and can actually change you from a hobbyist to a professional. He owned a whooping Nikon D700 & if I am not wrong with 24-70 F2.8 & 50mm F1.4 lenses. I made up my mind that I am going to buy exactly the same gear as my friend has in Dubai. And yes that was the trigger.

I soon realized D700 with lenses mentioned above is way out of budget and decided to find some alternative and after months of reviews browsing , reviews / feedback I settled for Nikon D300s , 17-55 F2.8 . Later bought a Tamron 60mm F2 Macro.

I enjoyed every bit of it (except very initial days where I almost lost hope of becoming a good photographer ) . D300s felt macho , heavy and rock solid. Till today , all my shots are from D300s & this will remain close to my heart.

After shooting almost all genres from Fashion to product , landscape and travel and found nirvana in STREET Photography and bought my first street photography book “Street Photography Now” . This book changed my entire view on photography till date and made me realize the art of photography is much more demanding and exciting than what actually I have done till date. I am not saying that other genre’s are easy or are not challenging ..they are equally but the spontaneity and purity in Street Photography is just out of this world experience. I started shooting streets but realized I am not getting there 1) as could not edit my photographs and 2) looking through my photographs , realized I am not upto the mark .

While searching workshops / courses in street photography I saw Maciej Dakowicz being in India coaching on street photography. And that was the moment I decided to enroll in one of his workshops in Mumbai in April 2014 . After attending the workshop , he changed my entire perspective of street photography and helped me look beyond normal and raise my bar to another level. He’s just outstanding photographer . My report on his workshop is as linked here  .

After coming back to Delhi , home from his workshop in April 2014 I was almost sure of buying a Nikon 20mm F2.8 ( 30 mm FX equiv ) for my D300s . I realized soon enough that an upgrade is necessary now and started searching for a genuine buyer . India sucks big time in second hand market especially for cameras ,as far as my experience goes.

I sold off all my gear  8th June 2014 , and grabbed a brand new Nikon D610 . I was bit confused on lenses between 28mm F2.8 or 35mm F2 AFD , but now has decided to go for a 35mm F2 AFD lens. I am yet to buy this lens ( probably over the weekend ) and then a new journey will begin

~ love PRS



5 thoughts on “My journey to Full Frame format – Nikon D610

  1. Nice to see someone using a D610 for street photography – I have been using this body for a while and it’s probably not as discreet as the fuji x series but it is full frame. I like the way it will use the older nikon lenses – I have a 28mm f/3.5ai lens which only cost £40 which works really well

    • Hey Adrian
      Yes I found this NikonD610 pretty handy and powerful tool for day-day use. I have 35mm AFD f2.0 , small like a snail , powerful and accurate like a pro-sniper . love the combo. Ease of use , weight etc is pretty much awesome !!

  2. Interesting how I came across your post because I also have the D610 and been thinking about selling my Fuji X100 and getting the old school 35 f/2D.

    I bought the X100 used at a awesome price thinking I would take the camera around with me more often, but I live in rural Vermont and there isn’t much street action going on here and I didn’t expect there would be, I simply got the camera because its lighter and smaller than my D610 and for the retro looks of course..but until recently I been doubting if I really need the X100. If I got the 35 f/2D..I really wouldn’t be missing anything and gaining full frame benefits (and superior focus system) and heck, its still isn’t that big.

    The X100 is awesome, but its more suited for street & travel photographers which I am not..I rarely travel because its so dang expensive. But the X100 is really fun to use even with its quirks. I don’t know what I’ll do..

      • Forgot about my comment here, haha. Sorry for late response.

        I ended up selling my X100 which I regret, but don’t really miss it either. Really love the 35 f/2 on my D610..amazing pair. But the problem I am facing now is its much heavier than the X100 and debating how I want to carry this heavier combo around. I have a Black Rapid RS7 which I like..but its big and bulky and even noisy. Its good if I have heavy lenses or shooting 8 hours..but thats rare. So I haven’t deciding how I want to do this. How do you carry yours around? I thought about getting a nice leather strap similar to the branded strap that comes with the camera and just hang it off my shoulder like I’ve done in the past. I don’t know, haha. That’s why I loved the X100 with the gordy strap..light and easy combo..but the quirks I just didn’t like and I’m just more of a DSLR shooter.

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