If your having GAS problems – in photography ! what to do ?


Yes believe me or not but everyone suffers for GAS – Gear Acquisition Syndrome  in photography , no matter how professionally you have been guided . Lets look at my learning.

1) I acquired a D300s & 17-55 f2.8  , then I wanted more

2) I wanted a prime to show-off and do commercial work : So I acquired a 60mm F2 

3) I wanted a better tripod so I swapped by Slick to a Vangaurd 

4) I wanted a better bag , I bought a lowe-pro – AW200 ( but i think that was worth it ) 

5) I wanted a better easy carrying sling , I got myself a Lowe Pro Sling ( but i think that was worth it ) 

6) I wanted a GND , ND , Polorizer – So I bought them all for 77 mm , quite a money !! . GND import from USA !!

7) Extra straps  , remote releases everything I got !!

8)I realized I belong to STREETS & streets & Travel is all I will do my entire life 🙂 .. I sold off everything above !! ( i mean camera &     lenses )

8) I bought a full-frame now D610 & awaiting my 35mm AFD F2 ( to be shipped soon …….hell lot of waiting already )


1) So find what you have to do in photography and then decide upon your gear. Spend at-least 2-3 yrs with your normal gear and if you think you need a new lens / gear ..stop , at-least stop 3 times before going ahead for purchase ..

2) Try rentals : Find out a local store nearby your place and try renting out equipment from time-time. It will help you decide. Carry on with rentals , if that’s all what you need occasionally. http://futureforward.in/ worked out very well for me atleast on rentals . I did my Goa shoot for sea-scapes after renting out 10-24 nikon for a great price.

3) Ask a friend – Treat him / her for rentals .. yes buy a gear /brand similar to what your friends have so that you can share & care

4) Stick to one lens , one camera theory . Yes it will make you a better photographer for sure and will help you gain consistency in whatever you do. That’s what I have done now

5) Do no hang out with GEAR HEADS – Lot of Richie Rich’s have gear’s to flaunt , please excuse yourself from the GANG ..

6) Do not spend time of GEAR forums . Don’t buy gears , buy BOOKS !! 


~ love , prs



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