Experience Raghu Rai’s Exhibition – Delhi ” Longing to belong ” – Refuges

must visit if you’re in delhi

So Many Photos So Little Time

Yes today I went to our very own Magnum Photographer , Raghu Rai’s exhibition – Longing to belong , Refuges ! 

Strange to see that the exhibition was empty as long as I was there , though saw 3 visitors before my entry in the log book . Raghu Rai has not only captured refuges in his exhibition in India ( officially entering as refugees in India via various countries like Somali , Sri Lanka , Afghanistan , Myanmar etc ) but has  skillfully captured soul of the places they live in and day-day lives. One feels refreshed , calm and the adrenaline rush is unstoppable after seeing master’s work . The photographs are in color , majority landscapes and only few portrait orientation.

Truly inspiring , many shots of Wazirabad , Majnu ka Tila , Tilak Nagar , Okhla – all in Delhi ..

Here is the view to the…

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