About Me ..


I am Pushkar Raj Sharma , born 1982, a Delhiite  .I am a reportage based photographer .

Photography takes me to places ,that I otherwise, would never have gone to. Be it be streets , around cities , around messy /spookey corners  or and lovely landscapes that mother nature offers. I own a Nikon D610 full frame camera with couple of lenses. I always put my 35mm AFD f2 for streets & documentary.

 I am actively looking for sponsors / freelance assignments in street photography , travel and documentary  style.I do commercial assignments & if you have something at hand for me , please feel free to get in touch with me +91.9873905165 ( preferred )  , pushkar17@gmail.com.

To me photography is now like a pulse in me ..its ticking every-moment and I need it for sure ..

I have a facebook initiative called “STREET-O-GRAPHY” , a home for street photographers to share their work and experiences . Me & admins of the group declare banner winners every friday and top inspirational photographs of the month as well as an interview with the photographer of the Month. This help others to feel proud of being a street photographer and also gives everyone a platform to showcase their work to the group and to the world. This is a non-profit group with absolutely no commercials involved so far.

You can also find me on below links apart from this WP page ..


If you would like me to take a workshop on photography ( Travel , Streets , Landscapes, General ) in person or for a batch please feel to drop me a message or call me on +91.9873905165.

Read about my journey to Full Frame format , Nikon D610

My Street Photography views 


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