Series & Projects

Streets photography has been a major turn around in my life. Once I understood streets , its like no looking back. Streets is full of mysteries , joy , fun and I feel so much connected to see human life all around.

I also own a forum on Facebook as founder of  “STREET-O-GRAPHY” .

Streets is quite challenging to deal with . Choosing your right moment in ever-changing and dynamic environment , composing quickly and making the call to take a shot is just like a tiger hunting for food , fraction of a second & the moment is gone for ever. That’s what I love about streets , the moments are pure in real life which can not be repeated ever after. To me street photography is the purest form of photography. I am inclined nowadays towards street photography in color and wish to continue in color and make color street photography part of my life.

But is it possible to describe photography in words ? Many would say yes and many of the photographers have described it very well , I would say no ! let the photographs talk 🙂 ..

I believe “god has given us vision to see colors of life , why take it away by clicking/processing in black and white” .This is just me . Many famous photographers turned to or shoot in color ,i ncluding the most top notch – Alex Webb

Famous quote from Alex Webb 

“Luck – or perhaps serendipity – plays a big role… But you never know what is going to happen. And what is most exciting is when the utterly unexpected happens, and you manage to be there at the right place at the right time – and push the shutter at the right moment. Most of the time it doesn’t work out that way. This kind of photography is 99.9% about failure.” – Alex Webb


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